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Friday 10 April 2020

English Quiz No.9 | Match the animal sounds quiz

English Quiz No.9 | Match the animal sounds quiz

Animals Name and animal sounds are given bellow in quiz.
click correct answer from drop down list after clicking all the answers submit the quiz

If have taken above quiz, you can print the below paper for students

Match The Pairs
Match The Animals Sounds
Question Paper for students
Your answerAnimal NamesAnimal Sound
1monkey a)roar
2lion b)cluck
3dog c)meow, purr
4cat d)chatter
5horse e)crow
6hen f)bark, growl
7cock g)moo
8bee h)neigh
9cow i)buzz
10sheep j)bleat
12pig l)hiss
13donkey m)trumpet
14frog n)grunt, squeal
15snake o)squeak
16duck p)howl
17wolf q)quack
18mouse r)croak

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