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Wednesday 11 March 2020


Hello Friends Today we are going to practice English Questions and we give a test on Learn English Simply :) 
Kindly Practice Questions and Answers over here. Questions and Options are givin, To know your correct answer please click on Show answer button
Question 1:- My grandfather walks very________ (Note: complete the sentense with the correct option)
A quick
B fastly
C fast
D nice
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Question 2:- Choose the correct word order
A Why she did leave so early ?
B Why did she leave so early ?
C Why did so early she leave ?
D Why so early did she leave ?
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Question 3:- Fill in the blank with word with correct spelling : Please give me a ______________ Of paper
A peice
B piece
C piese
D peace
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Question 4:- Which is the 'longest pause' ?
A Apostrophe
B Dash
C Hyphen
D Full-stop
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Question 5:- Sorry, she can't come to the phone. She _______ a bath (Fill in the blanks)
A is having
B having
C have
D has
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Question 6:- Please _____ your dog. (Fill in the blanks)
A prevent
B stop
C restrain
D subdue
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Question 7:- A ______ of books. (Fill in the blanks)
A group
B liberty
C pack
D course
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Question 8:- The teacher is popular _____ his pupils. (Fill in the blanks)
A among
B to
C with
D for
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Question 9:- Internal telephone system (Substitute with single word)
A Interim
B Interlocutor
C Intercourse
D Intercom
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Question 10:- One who travels from place to place (One word substitution)
A Itinerant
B Mendicant
C Journeyman
D Tramp
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