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Friday 31 July 2020

English Champ, Hingoli Quiz Competition.

Play Quizes Win Prizes, edudream's English Champ quiz competition. (Starting from 05/08/2020) Visit agian,Stay updated

English Champ, Hingoli Quiz Competition.
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English Champ, Hingoli
TIME 30 MINTS | 15 Questions | 30 Points/Marks
Sr.noUnitSub UnitQuestionsMarks
1Comprehension (Reading Skill)1. Prose (Upto 30 words)36
2Vocabulary1. Writing familiar/related words with48
the given clues/pictures.
2. Corelating words with pictures
(action words, describing words)
3. Rhyming words
4. Writing opposite words
5. Writing word register
6. Finding small words from the bigger
7. Using/writing contracted forms
8. Dictionary skills
9. Parts of body
10. Names of birds and animals, their
living places and sounds
11. Comparisons
12. Homophones
13. Names of colours, things, shapes,
vegetables, fruits, games
3Miscellaneous1. Articles48
2. Prepositions
3. Adjectives
4. Adverbs
5. Sentence formation (tenses)
6. Singular and plural
4Punctuation marks1. Capitalisation48
2. Comma
3. Full Stop
4. Question Mark
5. Apostrophe
6. Exclamation Mark
TOTAL 1530

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